How much would you pay for this Easter Egg?

Should we spend more than $100 on one Easter Egg?

Um no.

Of course not. Chocolate is, after all, just chocolate, even in irresistible egg form.

However, the luxury of buying something you absolutely don’t need, but you really want, is part of what financial freedom is.

To get there, you need a solid budget (check out our five top tips), and the desire to spend your splurge money on chocolate.

OR you could be really responsible and wait till next Tuesday to snap up all the Easter sale chocolate.

But if you don’t want to wait…

The Holy Trinity
Gelato Messina : $79
Melbourne, Sydney

Gelato Messina Egg

Gelato Messina says: “This year’s eggs (Lord Lamington, Saint Pistachio and Holy Hot Cross Buns) are a testament to our chefs, who have resurr-egg-cted our best specials and turned them into a divine collection of gelato eggs.”

Worth it? We say (while checking our sanity) YES.

It feeds up to 9 people which puts it at less than $10 a serve pp. A relative bargain compared to what’s coming up.

Sadly, this has sold out.

Damien the Dinosaur
Bibelot : $39.95


According to his makers at Bibelot, Dino is “a combination of dark and milk chocolate, and a sprinkle of cacao nibs”.

But is he worth it? LOOK AT THAT LIL GUY

Milk Chocolate Egg (600gm)
Haighs: $47.50


In all the chocolate novelty, is there any greater enjoyment than breaking into an egg that’s basically bigger than your head?

The Biggest Milk Bunny (400gm)
Koko Black: $49


“Hop, hop, hippity hop! Wrap your paws around the biggest milk chocolate bunny in Koko Forest.”

It might be the biggest bunny in the Koko forest, but it also packs a punch to the wallet.

Limited Edition Easter Eggs by Vue
Vue du Monde: $100


According to the company, these $100 eggs are not only worth it, they sell out every year.

They say: “Ditch the crinkled foil and preservative-filled eggs of Easters past. Say goodbye to over-eating handfuls-at-a-time of those pointless little nuggets of sugar. Instead, may we suggest you indulge in simple luxury, brought to you in the form of six Valrhona chocolate eggs, created by Vue Group’s Executive Chef, and hand-crafted by our team of talented pastry chefs.”

Lindt Bunny Giant (1KG)
Lindt: $80 (on sale for $60)


You might struggle to find a hiding place for this 1KG Lindt bunny but he’ll sure make a statement on your Easter dining table.

The real question here is: How fast can you eat all that chocolate?

Dairy Milk Easter Egg (400gm)
Cadbury: $20 (sale for $15)

cadbury egg

It’s classic. It’s available in your local supermarket and you’ll have no problems hiding it in the garden. And at cost per gram, it’s definitely worth the on sale price of $15.