Living the First Class life on a basic budget

Ever wondered how those people are doing up the front of the plane got there?

We tried to find out from them direct, but we couldn’t get past the curtain (well, the flight attendants).

The truth is that flying business class is just a dream for most of us, and a private jet but a fantasy.

Simpsons First Class

But we are slaves to our own envy and we put down our wallets and opened up Google to find out how to live like a first class passenger on a basic budget.

Something for nothing

An iconic image of wealth is a night out at the theatre or opera. These days, most capital cities hold free outdoor concerts during summer, and a whole host of fun events at affordable prices. You just need to google where you live and the kind of event you’d like to go to.

Be flexible for travel

If you’re lucky enough to have an understanding workplace, aim for maximum flexibility. There are always travel sales, cheap cheap flights and deals on tours if you search for them.

Just this week, we saw return flights to Bali advertised for less than $300 but unfortunately we are not writing this from Ubud.

We recommend picking an off peak month where you’re more likely to be able to book luxury resorts or even get upgraded.

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Cut the excess

We are all liable to overspend in different areas. What ever your daily weak spot, it is possible that this is where you can afford the most luxury.

If food is your passion, instead of spending money on expensive workday lunches or mid-week takeaway, save that cash and treat yourself to a five star dinner once a month.

Same goes for clothes. Don’t buy cheapish-throw away fashion, splurge on something expensive that you’ll wear over and over and love.

Skip dinner, express lunch

Did you know that many of Melbourne and Sydney’s fine dining restaurants including Rockpool (Mmm steak) offer an “Express lunch”.

It will usually come with one or two courses and a glass of wine for a much more reasonable price than you’d usually spend.

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Don’t pay to upgrade

There are two main ways to get into First class flights without forking out the cash. The first is if your work requires you to fly regularly long-distances.

The second is through frequent flyer points. If you manage a credit card there are many cards that will give you points, but make sure you pay them off and cancel them if you need. Managed carefully, this could be your ticket to an upgrade!

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