Cheap travel tips for 2019

Travel is the one time that spending money is usually worth it – within reason.

Missing out on an experience because you’re worried about money is awful, and so is coming home with a mountain of travel debt.

But there’s ways to cut back. Flights and transport will take the biggest chunk out your wallet followed by accomodation and food.

Here’s our tips for travelling well, without the credit hangover:

Don’t follow the crowd (cough, Bali)


Bali is Bali. We all know what we’re getting.

But if you go slightly left or right, there’s a whole other world to explore and you’ll probably be able to get some great discounts for places other people aren’t as keen to go.

Some cheaper travel destinations include Sri Lanka, Hungary and Mexico.

Sign up, sign up

The last thing we all need to to clog our inbox with more email newsletters EXCEPT for the ones that are actually helpful (we’re hoping this means us too!).

So sign up for all the airlines and look out for sweet deals. If you’re open to destination and time, you can get a very, very good deal.

Travel light


Channel your inner Marie Kondo and go super minimalist. If you only need carry-on luggage you’ll not only save on some airline costs, but you’ll save time at your destination and fly through customs.

Be smart about money exchange

When you need to exchange your money, make sure it’s not at the airport. Shop around for prices and check out new apps that might help make the transactions faster.

And even if you can use your credit card overseas, make sure you understand all the fees and charges you’ll be liable for.

Couch surfing

The internet has made couch surfing a relatively safe option for people who can’t afford to buy a room or fancy Airbnb. The hosts are often travellers who want to give back to the backpacking community but it will pay to be cautious.

App guides

Day trips and tours are great for meeting people, but if you’re all about seeing a city on a budget, apps like Detour can do the guide work. Detour is in 17 cities with each tour narrated by a local so you’re guaranteed some good insights. Detour is available for iOS and Android.