The best Aussie money podcasts

Podcasts are a perfect productivity hack. We plug in, and let the knowledge soak into our brain by osmosis.

That’s the plan anyway.

It’s not really any different when we’re thinking about our bank balance. Could just popping on a half hour podcast make us richer? Probably not (but we’re willing to give it a crack).

These podcasts are some of the best we’ve heard when it comes to speaking about money for more than 30 mins without getting boring.

We like them for their practicality and their perspective on how Australians (or all of us) should be thinking about how finances and you might even find you’ve got a few more dollars to play with than you thought!

The Pineapple Project

Claire Hooper takes us deep inside our wallets on ABC’s The Pineapple Project to learn “what rich people know, how poor people think, and how you can take control of your coin”.

Basically it’s an excellent Aussie take on how to manage your money. Worth a listen.

Our pick: For obvious reasons, we love this episode on how to demolish your debt.

The Richards Report

A while ago, the AFL realised that its players needed a plan post-footy career. Like many of his counterparts, former Swans defender Ted Richards got into finance and, after he hung up the boots, joined robo-adviser Six Park.

The Richards Report sees him talking money basics, and bringing in interesting people to talk about their approach to money.

Our pick: Check out his two part series with Chris Judd and his interview with Jobe Watson on property and bitcoin.

The Financial Diet

This is cheating just a little bit because it’s not quite a podcast, but The Financial Diet is a great YouTube channel that we can really get behind. It’s smart, savvy and funny. It is American but the basic principles of money management are the same no matter where you live.

Our pick: To better understand yourself, and for some great dinner party conversations… What kind of spender are you?

The Lucky Country

Sometimes money isn’t so much about what’s going on in your wallet, but a matter of perspective. The Lucky Country gives us that and more. Produced by the same people as The Monthly it’s a bit high brow, but don’t hold that against it.

Our pick: Is an episode turning the dry area of corporate tax cuts into an interesting look into whether we’re better off if money goes up (to business) or down (to us!). It features economist Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who was recently awarded the 2018 Sydney Peace Prize for his work addressing global inequality.