Australia’s best money tips: Amazon Prime launch, house price slump, random money hacks

Time is money, so we’ve compiled some of the best, weirdest and most interesting Australian money tips and news for this week in one spot.

Amazon Prime is finally in Australia – and at half the price of the US.

But is it worth it? LifeHacker questions if it’s too good to be true while not all consumers are impressed.

Meanwhile, on the selling side of Amazon, an ingenious solution to schoolyard lunchbox drama (yes, this is a thing) is making one Aussie woman thousands.


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House price slump

Uh oh (or oh yes!). ANZ released data this week that showed falling house prices in Sydney and Melbourne – it’s expecting prices to fall 4 per cent nationally this year.

The friendly tax

Made a profit on an investment this year? Read this great overview by Sydney Morning Herald’s Noel Whittaker who says capital gains is “the friendliest tax you can pay” – but it still might hurt so go get advice.

Photo by Tucker Good on Unsplash

Robots making $$$

In QLD MoneySaverHQ reports of a young farmer whose money is growing… automatically!

The 24-year-old uses low-fee robo-adviser Six Park to manage his growing portfolio: “When I went out west and I started to make a decent income I had little bit of spare money and dad said rather than leave it lying in an account why not make that money work for you.”

Random money saving hacks

When it comes down to it, budgets are about cutting back and saving money, but the women behind GirlBoss have found some pretty creative ways to do it.